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The Purrfect Roommate
*Brushes dust n' Cobb Webs off* by mrbuckalew
October 28th, 2017, 11:33 pm
Hi guys, it's been a while.
Not sure how I can apologies for something I've apologized for already and not sound like a broken record.

Not sure if this will come across as making excuses or legit reasons but I'm just gonna be transparent.

So my day job has been suffering (I work in the food industry) over the summer which has lead to my weekly pay to drop in half. Yet my student loans have not changed which was a lot a month. So I had to drop everything and just work work work work just to scrape by. Also living off Ramen (best diet. 10/10)

BUT NOW things are picking back up and I can get back to doing what I actually enjoy doing.

So ACT 3 has started with the last two issues. I am working on the scripts right now. Hopefully new issues will be out within the next month and I'll try to figure out a set schedule that I can keep.

So here's looking at you kid... get off my lawn!