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The Purrfect Roommate: THE BOOK by mrbuckalew
December 25th, 2017, 10:41 pm
Yes that's true I am actually working on a book based on the webcomic.
FAQ that no one asked:
1 - Is it going to be a book form of the comic?
No, this is actually going to be something that is not going to be in the comic at all. At least not this story in particular.
2 - What's the book about then?
All I can say is that is about the gang in a fantasy setting going on an adventure.
3 - Do I have to keep asking questions
No it just makes me feel important....

So yeah I am actually making some good progress on it and there will be illustrations in the book so I will be working on it from time to time on my livestreams

If the progress continues as it has been then it will take a few months for it to be done before I need to find a publisher or do self publishing. Hopefully it will be done soon. I'm actually really excited about it and I can't wait for you guys to read it.

So yeah this might not actually get in the way of issues getting done since that's random already, but at least I will still be working on something with the gang.
Is this a good idea to do even though there's not an actual following of the comic or even that many issues of the comic out?...maybe but... why not do it.

So there ya go. Follow me on twitch if you want to keep up with it and other things.

Love y'all